Truth No. 1:

It makes no difference how your hand began. It doesn’t matter what it is today or what it might become.

I see it. Someone calls the river with four to a straight or flush on the board and loses only to flip over a pair of aces that had little chance of winning. Why? Let’s set aside any psychological arguments such as a desire to elicit sympathy from the other players or self-fulfilling prophecies such as “aces always lose a lot of money for me.” The main reason these players make such blunder decisions on the river is that they are clinging to an out-of-date perception of their hand’s worth.

Truth No. 2:

It makes no difference where your hand is on the scale. The only thing that matters is if your hand will be better than your opponents’ in the showdown.

This is a continuation of Truth #1. When my AK beat AQ on a 26J48 board, I’ve won enormous pots, and I’ve lost even bigger pots when my 63 (from the big blind) fell to 76 on a 4528 board. You lose (unless you also have a Royal flush) if your opponent has a Royal flush, regardless of whether you have a king high straight flush or a 23457. (the worst possible hand in high-only poker). Poker is unconcerned about the losers’ possessions; all that matters is that they lost. That is something that no amount of whining will change.